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How To be Best Prepared For Your Next Session

Hi, my friends! I am planning on starting back up this blog and posting once a week, Lord willing!

Many of you have expressed interest in seeing some more informative blog posts that can help the average reader. I pray this post does just that!

Five Tips To Make Your Next Session BETTER

  1. Wear colors that complement each other, but don't match. Many people believe that wearing clothes that are the exact same color (or even the exact same shirt in a large family session) will look great. Fact is, if you wear clothes that match each other in color, you will blend into each other, instead of looking like two (or more) different people. You want to stand out in your picture and look your best!

  2. Be light on makeup. As a lady myself, I fully understand the desire to look your VERY best in your pictures, and many ladies believe the more makeup, the more beautiful you will appear in your pictures. This isn't true! You want to look like yourself, and not wear extreme makeup. When you wear heavy makeup, it can make your session more difficult to edit, and it can throw off many colors in your session, including your skin tone and/or outfits.

  3. Don't be scared to wear an outfit that you are comfortable in! Some people are more comfortable in fancy outfit choices, and some people prefer a simpler, casual look. I promise, as photographers, our desire is to make you look your best and that you are absolutely comfortable! Don't hesitate to let us know if you would rather a more 'fancy' or 'casual' look.

  4. Look around for a location that you want your photos done at. Decide whether you want a mountain setting, a country setting, a beach setting etc. We LOVE it, as photographers, when you have done your research and know what you want and don't want!

  5. Bring something that means something to YOU to your session. To couples, this many mean a small, framed photo of the first photo they ever had taken together. For families, this may mean a memoir of a loved one who has passed, or a piece of family history. I promise, your photos will mean so much more when you incorporate an item that means a good deal to you.

Let me know if you all would like a part two!!

God Bless,


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